The Skin of Consumption

Klaus Mertens
09. – 21. septembar 2017.
transformArt gallery
Svetog Save 8, 11000 Belgrade

I’m an aficionado of the beauty, and there is so much beauty in the world.

This longing drives me to find the beauty and keeps me moving to create my art. Even if this is out of the contemporary trends like to produce art about art or to work in a trashy style. My personal sensuality is focused on the material itself. Materials of any kind like:

Wood, Metal, Plastic, Textile, Leather, Concrete, Bones, Colors, Paper, Traveling around also is Material, Reading; as well as dreaming, Words, Sound, Experience of  Nature, Experience of  a Location, Art History.

So, nearly everything is possible, as far as no violence is coming out of it. I´m obsessed to figure out charisma and deeper character of a material or even its soul.

I believe in the soul of material, organic or non organic, ugly or poor, wasted or  valuable – material is emitting energies.

My instinct, my brain and my hands take the challenge of this energies to transform it to   sculptures and objects. The result of this work will be a piece of relevance. Its not about recycling. Its about sensuality for material.

I help the material to its “magic identity” for example:

  • Shape into mood
  • Message into pathos
  • Idea into meaning
  • Construct into concept
  • Ghosts into pictures
  • Plastic into beauty
  • Beauty into art
  • Style into brand
  • Waste into sustainability
  • Poesy into hardware
  • Consumption into joy