Dejan Milićević

For so many years Dejan has been on the scene; he started DJ’ing at the age of just fifteen and has been on a roll for the last eighteen years. After winning a number of prizes in 1997 and 1998, everything started to happen.

As a part of the KneDeep family he played all the major events by now and also had the ex Yugoslavian region covered at the same time having every weekend full of new experiences. His music style is a mix of house and techno that has a flavor of a long and experienced career. The year 2011 was the year of the debut album release from this artist after more than 80 EP’s in his music life , Trust and the Purpose (Gillesku Records) sold out all vinyl copies just in 5 days and made a great success. New album “Just Keep Talking Girl” has just been released in August 2012 on Plastic city label and also got a huge feedback from the audience.

For the past five years Dejan has been collaborating with the Burn Energy Drink company and working as their music ambassador – giving lectures on a regional level for Burn Audio Tool software and making it available to everyone.

In 2014 Dejan launched a new vinyl-digital label called Tit0 (Tit Zero Recordings ) hitting the first EP with legendary Dj Rush on the microphone. Stay tuned for more to come…