Autumn baroque

Полина Вербицка 
Autumn Baroque
21. novembar – 05. decembar 2020.
transformArt gallery
Svetog Save 8, 11000 Belgrade

Autumn Baroque is a series of small sculptures and ceramic objects, created by Polina Verbytska during the last three months. All this time she has spent on the Balkans and numerous changes in her accustomed lifestyle have been clearly reflected in her works. New creations are characterized by deviation from the hyperrealism, typical of Polina`s works in the last years, and a return to a more symbolic and expressive format.

«This project is like a psychoanalytical process: while working with material and shaping my emotional and sensual world, I at the same time set myself free on the one hand, and  on the other one, placing my own sublimated experience into inanimate objects, I in a way animate and even revive them».