Полина Вербицка

Полина Бербицка

Polina Verbytska is artist and sculptor  from Kyiv, Ukraine.
She has been creating anthropomorphic sculptures and
bas-reliefs since 2012. She studied fine art at Drahomanov
University, left after two years and started her work as a self-taught sculptor.  She describes her works as “psychoanalysis in a flesh”,
because they very meticulously reflects the projection of mental conditions on the physical shape without “estetic censorship”. She works with polymer
plastics, experimenting with silicones and model resins.
Polina’s solo exhibitions were in Dukley European Art foundation, Karas Gallery, IZONE, Barbacan Art Space.
Her works are in private collections in Ukraine, Europe,
USA, Australia.
She lives and works in Motenegro.

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